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Friday, January 21, 2011

Where does inspiration come from?

Awhile back, I was involved in a (fabric) bookmark swap. The theme was Art Deco meets Art Nouveau. I thought of all the wonderful artists whose work I could use as reference, such as: Tamara De Lempicka, Gustav Klimt, Leon Bakst and of course, Alphonse Mucha. I appreciate the style and work of each of these artists and I wanted to mesh them altogether and spit out, (well not literally, more like create) a piece of my own. Well, things don't always happen Exactly as planned, and this case is no exception. You see, I get inspired and prefer things that are 'odd, strange, weird' over those which are considered beautiful. So, when I actually set down to begin working on this bookmark I incorporated yet another artist's work I love: Tim Burton. His "Red Queen" from Alice in Wonderland, was added to the "mix" and THIS, is what I "spit out".
I'll be posting photos of another bookmark I'm currently working on---stay tuned:)



kattyg said...

Wow Natalie, this is really interesting! I love your bookmark!!

Sweet Magnolia Rose said...

Hi Natalie,
My name is Mistyrose and I recently found your blog. I have a question for you? Will you email me at
Thank You,

Natalie said...

THanks so much ladies. I appreciate your kind words. I have another bookmark in the works. It was designed for AFIC, it's a freebie for all those attending the conference.
So fun!

Joyce van der Lely said...

Hey Natalie,

You make wonderful stuff !
I wouldn't mind being added to your blog give away list !!
I am having a give away as part of the One World One Heart atthe moment, so come check it out and leave a comment if you like to join in as well!


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