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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This is the early stages of a bookmark I designed for AFIC, she is finally completed. This pattern will be included in a complimentary booklet for each student attending the conference. I have more photos to take of this piece, just waiting for a nice sunny day so I can go outside and capture all the details. I'll be putting her up in my etsy very soon. Stay tuned... xoxox


creativedawn said...

Wow! I must have been here before...giggle because I really love the ostrich showgirl and know that I've seen her before...oh and loved it then! So now I'm a follower! love your art work..

Natalie said...

Thanks for commenting and becoming a follower Pam!!!

Sweet Magnolia Rose said...

Good Morning Natalie,

I was wondering about your online classes is there video feed or do you read and create? I would like to take your classes but I am a visual learner when it comes to art.

Natalie said...

Hi MistyRose!
I too, am a visual learner and for that reason, I take step-by-step photos of my process so I can better document it. The online classes are lengthy, but I think it only fair rather than leaving out information. It really annoys me when I pay for a class (videos and/or photos) and there are steps missing---I'm left to connect the dots and why? I should get what I paid for right? Right. Anyway, my classes are thorough and if you need any help, have a question, etc. I'm always available. Thanks for inquiring. Nat xoxox

Brenda Hutchings said...

HOW COOL! (ok I feel 16) I get a complimentary booklet with this sketch!!! Natalie, I'm one of your students at AFIC, I'm in Fridays The Dame class. I'm so looking forward to learning! Smiles to you,

Shubhra said...

Wow...I have reached your blog through international blog hop and your blog is so it !

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